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 National "five" emission reduction targets gradually clear

"2010 is the new National Energy Foundation and Management Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the National Standard Committee can) in the first year of the National Standard Committee will be able to analyze the 'second five' national energy saving targets on the basis of standardized requirements on the revision of standards for energy conservation programs, standardization technical institutional development, standard system, an important research project, the standard contribution rate of energy saving and other important research and will strengthen the relevant standardization with the newly established technical institutions to better coordinate and doing well in all areas of division of labor, for a good start. "This is the reporter from December 29, 2009 the National Energy Foundation and Management Standardization Technical Committee held a general meeting-cum-fifth meeting learned.
Fifth in the national energy standard committee meeting, the China National Institute of Standardization Resource and Environment Standardization Institute, the National Standard Committee Secretary Li can Aixian spoke National Standard Committee of the Fifth Committee could work program, said that state, "10 five "emission reduction targets gradually clear, standardized energy conservation as an important technical support, will take on more and more important tasks.

It is understood that, in May 1981 established National Commission experienced a fourth energy scale work of the Commission, only 90 completed the Fourth Committee on a number of standards and revision. Public familiar air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances energy efficiency standards, covering many areas of the national economy of energy consumption per unit of product standards are developed by the Organization by the Committee.

Continue to carry out home appliances, commercial, lighting and office equipment, industrial equipment and other areas nearly 30 energy-using product energy efficiency standards and revision, continue to promote energy-using products improving energy efficiency is still the next few years the country could Standards Commission's priority areas of work. Energy consumption limits are high energy-consuming industries energy basis, the National Standard Committee will organize the formulation can be involved, including iron and steel, petrochemical, building materials, nonferrous metals, coal, light industry, nearly 50 energy consumption limits, will these industry, energy work have a profound impact.

Standard Committee in the country can work program, a series of new or fledgling field of standardization work saving, energy management system standard for the impact of energy conservation can achieve the quality management system standard work on the impact of quality management, new term national energy scale is the basis for the Committee's work; and energy services-related standards seems an emerging industry-related and whether the industry can be classified as energy services, are not the original energy industry or service sectors; saving society evaluation criteria and is a new field of standardization, evaluation of an enterprise, a hotel or a government agency, or even whether a city energy, these standards need to be raised clear indicators and evaluation methods; energy efficient product testing and performance evaluation criteria are Consumers hope that tomorrow will be able to norms promulgated various so-called energy-efficient product standards.

According to Li Aixian introduced energy management system standard is to improve the level of enterprise energy management, an effective means of reducing energy consumption. National Standards Commission will be able to promote energy management system series standards, including "Energy Management System Implementation Guide," as well as the high energy-consuming industries and energy management system standard application guide series. Energy services industry is energy saving industries and services point of integration, to promote consumption, increased investment, structural adjustment, stabilize exports play an important role. National Standard Committee will continue to be able to carry out energy efficiency measurement and validation series of standards, focusing on industry standards and other aspects of energy auditing series of standards revision. For saving society evaluation methods and evaluation indicators, the National Standard Committee will give priority to carry out energy-saving resources such as city unit of society, communities, government agencies, schools, hospitals, hotels, businesses, mining evaluation standards development. Lack of a unified energy-efficient products testing and evaluation methods and performance requirements, the product was mixed, affected the development of the industry, the National Standard Committee will be able to develop efficient energy conversion devices, efficient refrigeration equipment, energy recovery products in areas such series of standards, promoting energy technologies industrialization process. Energy monitoring, the economy and energy saving standardization of evaluation criteria is particularly industrial standardization work focuses on energy content, the National Standard Committee will be able to focus on key industries including energy monitoring standards, industrial economic operation of energy-consuming equipment and systems standards and important energy equipment, energy saving evaluation amend standards. For some industrial sectors of energy measurement and statistics, energy consumption calculations, lack of energy balance status of aging testing standards will be carried out textile, coal, building materials, paper and other industries energy measurement, calculation and other aspects consumption standards work. While developing light industry, electronics, building materials and other industries important to the energy balance of energy systems standard.

In addition, buildings and transportation energy use areas will be over the next 20 years, China's energy consumption is an important growth point, and there is a huge potential for energy saving, the National Standard Committee will be able to related industries and sectors to actively communicate, coordinate, participate in and organize energy efficiency standards for buildings and vehicle-related research and formulation

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